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Brahman Vyavasayik Patrika ( Monthly ) and Aamhi Sare Brahman ( Fortnightly )

Brahman Vyavasayik Patrika ( Monthly ) : Since 2005, we started publishing the monthly magazine Brahman Vyavasayik Patrika with inspiration for the aim of Prosperity of Each & Every Brahman Family through Business & profession only. In 2019, we have reached most of the districts of Maharashtra, some places outside Maharashtra like Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Allahabad, Belgaum, Chennai, Hyderabad etc., even UK & USA. The number of subscribers will cross 5000 soon. Aamhi Sare Brahman ( Fortnightly ) : All problems in our Brahman community - like social, economical, and domestic - must be discussed & the solution should reach out to maximum our community members. If we want our community to prosper extensively, this information should reach to each & every layer of our community. Considering this need we started publishing a fortnightly Aamhi Sare Brahman in 2011. Now in 2019 it is reaching to more than 25000 subscribers in all most all districts of Maharashtra.

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